July 18th, 2005
Long Beach convention center, visit us at booth # 104 ...

  April 11th, 2005
CeaPack begins testing its revolutionary PDA based dock management system...

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Complete Supply Chain Management and Control
Cea-Pack Services, Inc. has been in the business of servicing the warehousing industry for over ten (15) years. The company was started and built around a single contract with the Vons Companies back on March of 1993. Using service and consistence rates as its motto Cea-Pack was able to gain a strong foothold, in this industry. On October 1995, Cea-Pack purchased West Coast Unloading Services a strong competitor.

This acquisition brought on board such customers as Lucky Stores, Smart & Final and Food for Less, adding to an already impressive list of customers. Cea-Pack was able to increase the size of it’s work force giving them more flexibility in responding to the ever changing demands of there customer’s personnel needs. Cea-Pack has developed customize computer software programs which can produce a verity of reports showing cost per case, turn time on dock doors, hourly expense for various personnel and many other specific report requirements.

Cea-Pack continues to grow and be a leader in the field of third party logistics and unloading services. A key to Cea-Pack’s success is the ability to keep good qualified trained individuals. Spending time to screen and train new employees pays big dividend in productivity and safety. We have and will continue to have the best staff and work force in the unloading industry.

Supply Chain Management

Our mission is to provide customers with a professional quality unloading service. Among the benefits are increased thru-put and uniform pricing per load, which will reduce anual costs by significant amounty.

Cea-Pack Services provides highly trained, motivated people with a strong work ethic and team spirit, who are responsible for all clean-up of pallets, shrink wrap, paper, or other litter they create when unloading trucks. The company's business forms provide you with valuable information, such as pallets in, pallets out, P.O. numbers for tracing product, and start/completion times of each load.